Monday, October 8, 2012

Justin Bieber wows audience by sprouting wings

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No Vomit: Bieber highlights crotch as he flies into the air.

He's adored internationally for his hair, music, Christian values and handsome looks.

Now tween idol Justin Bieber seems to have learned the ability to fly.

In something resembling a biblical anecdote, the 18-year-old heart throb was seen hovering above the stage, resplendent with his latest blingy fashion accessory.

Bieber promoted his Believe album release with a live performance on Saturday at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. 

When Justin wasnt showing his miraculous flying abilities (with the help of sturdy wire cables) he danced and sung his heart out.

Meanwhile Justin seems to have fully recovered from last week's much publicised vomiting incident.

The 18-year-old star began his lengthy world tour in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday, where he shared a bit more with his plans than he had planned to.

According to footage posted online, midway through swagging around to his track, Out of Town Girl, the singer turned his body from the crowd and vomited.

Bieber eventually finished out the performance, but not before leaving the stage twice and apologizing to fans.

After the show, he tweeted about the incident, 'laughing it off in the style of Anchorman legend Ron Burgundy'.

He continued, 'Milk was a bad choice! Lol, later adding, 'Great show. Getting better for tomorrow's show.

Last Saturday's Arizona show also had a more touching moment when Bieber paid tribute to his late fan, Avalanna Routh, known as Mrs. Bieber, who passed away last week after her lengthy battle with a rare brain cancer.

'Big day today. Tonight is for my angel. #mrsbieber" he wrote before taking the stage in Phoenix, where he later performed his song One Less 

Lonely Girl while images of the late fan flashed behind him. 

He later wrote, 'Goodnight Avalanna. Tonight was for u. I love u.'

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